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The RNS-510 is the Genuine Vw High End Multimedia System, it comes with a7" LED High definition
display,Sat Nav, Radio, CD Player, DVD Player, SD Card Reader (32GIG) and Hard Drive (40GIG).
The hard drive is used for MP3s, Maps and Points of Interest. You can also load personal points of interest
such as speed camera's etc. 

We supply refurbished systems which come with the latest firmware and maps.
The system includes the Maps for Western Europe and TMC for traffic avoidance. (TMC * subject to broadcasting)

*** 1 Year Warranty on parts and labour ***

The RNS-510 fully integrates into the vehicles CAN system and will operate as
 per factory fit once installed.  This means any original Vw systems will fully integrate
 into the RNS-510. This includes optical parking sensors, Climate Control, Bluetooth,
MDI Kit, MFSW, Highline DIS, Reverse Camera and Tv tuner. 

Optional Extras that can be added to the RNS-510 are as follows;
* Bluetooth Handsfree including Bluetooth Audio Streaming.
* MDI iPod and USB Kit.
* Reverse Camera (vehicle specific please email us for a quote).
* Optical Partking Sensors. (vehicle specific please email us for a quote).
* Digital Tv Tuner.
* Voice Control for RNS-510.
* AUX-In
* Video in Motion for DVD Player. (For passenger use only).
* Highline DIS (Vehicle specific please email us for a quote).
* Multifunction Steering Wheel (Vehicle specific please email us for a quote).
* CAN Gateway Upgrade (Required for Models before 2008).

Note: Models before 2008 require a CAN gateway upgrade to prevent battery drain. Please Select this option below.

All existing vehicle systems such as Bluetooth, MFSW, DIS, Reverse Camera, MDI iPod kit, Climate Control display etc will operate exactly as they do prior to installation of the RNS-510.

Note: When upgrading from an RNS-315 you may require a Bluetooth upgrade, this is due to the Bluetooth kit being built into the RNS-315 unit, whereas on the RNS-510 it requires a separate control module for this function. 

Above: RNS-510 with full Map display and Speed Cameras.

Above: RNS-510 with Map and Compass display.

Above: Map display zoomed in.

Above: GPS Reception.

Above: Map view with GPS viewer and Bluetooth Audio displayed. (Requires optional Bluetooth Kit).

Above: Optional Vw Bluetooth Kit.

Above: Bluetooth Audio Streaming with txt Display. (Requires optional Bluetooth kit).

Above: Points of Interest Selection.

Above: Map with GPS Viewer and Speed Cameras.

Above: Optional MDI iPod Kit.

Please select options required below for a package deal discount. 



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VW RNS-510 (Refurbished) with SAT NAV, DVD Player Supply & Fit