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Vw Fiscon Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
Vw Fiscon Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
Vw Fiscon Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
Vw Fiscon Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
Vw Fiscon Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

Product Description

Product Description: This is for the supply and fitment of the VW Fiscon bluetooth phone kit. The work can be done on a call out basis however this may be subject to a call out fee. All parts are Brand New and come with a 1 year warranty. This is the best aftermarket kit available.

This is the very latest Fiscon Bluetooth Kit available from Fiscon. It works very well with most the latest phones and will also support A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Audio Streaming as well and voice control. Note: A2DP requires suitable headunit as well as suitable mobile phone such as iPhone to operate. 

Compatible Headunits for telephone display on radio screen.
- RCD-510
- RNS-315
- RNS-510
- RNS-810
For operation through radio display please see demo video below.

Note: The RNS-310 will not display the telephone display on the headunit. All original Vw headunits not listed above are compatible but will not have the telephone display on the radio screen.

Compatible Instrument Cluster for telephone display on DIS.
- White Highline DIS 2009> 
- Colour DIS 2009>. 
- Red Highline DIS (2008-2010)
- Touareg Colour DIS (2008-2011)
- Phaeton Colour DIS (2008-2013)

Note: We can install the internal microphone for the Fiscon but not in conjunction with the RNS-510 voice control. For  best sound quality we recommend the external microphone is fitted, this is small, discreet and can be mounted at the top of the A-Pillar or near the interior light.  For Models that have or require voice control for RNS-510 a seperate microphone is fitted, this would mean you would need to have an external Fiscon microphone installed. 

Above: Vw  Fiscon Bluetooth Kit fitted to RNS-510 Headunit.

Above: Vw Fiscon Bluetooth Kit with White DIS.

Above: Fiscon Kit with Red DIS.
Above: Genuine Vw Bluetooth Kit Through Radio Display. ( Works the same as Fiscon)

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Vw Fiscon Bluetooth Handsfree Kit