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We are pleased to offer the Genuine Audi Traffic sign recognition system PR-QR9,
 this upgrade will display the road speed limit in the driver information system you can
also adjust settings in the MMi or MIB system.
This upgrade is only suitable for models with PR code QK1 and image processing control unit
If your vehicle has adaptive cruise control PR-8T4, or lane heading assist PR-7Y4/7Y5
then it means your vehicle is suitable. On models before 2013 it is highly likely that a
later image processing control unit will be required, part number 4G0 907 107D is not suitable,
however version E or later will be (please select this option below).
Models after 2013 need to have image processing control unit 4H0 907 107H installed,
if this isn't fitted please add this option below.

Please Note: Only suitable for models with MMi 3G or MIB infotainment systems installed.
If unsure please email us the vehicle registration and we can check this for you. 

We can also offer Audi Lane Heading Assist PR-7Y4 , please select this option below.
For more information on this product please click here to view demo video.
Only available for A6 4G (MY2011+) , A7 4G (MY2011+) and A8 4H (MY2014+).
Please note: Audi A8 4H requires 4 spoke MFSW upgrade for steering wheel vibration to operate,
please email for a custom quote if this function is required.


This upgrade includes the following;
* Professional Installation and coding.
* Parameter updates and advanced MMI / MIB coding.
* New parts with 2 year warranty, refurbished parts are usually available at approx 30% less,
please email us for a custom quote if required.

Please note: discount on refurbished parts only applies to vehicles that require the
image processing unit upgrade or Lane Heading Assist upgrade.


If your vehicle doesn't have the QK1 camera already fitted, we can still offer this upgrade but will require a replacement Windscreen, QK1 Camera, Yaw control module & Calibration, this is approx £1400+vat
using new/refurbished parts, a new windscreen will need to be installed and we will need
the vehicle for 2 days (please email us the vehicle ref for a custom quote).

Some models have QK1 Camera, but not the Correct Image processing unit, we can check this for you, some models also require a replacement Yaw sensor
The complete upgrade requires the camera to be calibrated, we now have this equipment, usually a main dealer will charge approx £360 + VAT,  Installation takes approx 7-8 hours.  Exact prices vary depending
on model year and availability on refurbished parts,
please email us for a custom quote.

Above: Traffic Sign is displayed in the driver information system.

Above: Traffic Sign displayed when in Nav mode on this DIS. 

Above: Traffic Sign Recognition in DIS.



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Traffic Sign Recognition PR-QR9 / Lane Heading Assist PR-7Y4 - Supply & Fit - A6 4G, A7 4G, A8 4H