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Product Description

We offer coding to allow the factory fitted rear parking sensors to be displayed on the MID screen.

Please note: factory fitted rear sensors are required for this upgrade.
Models from August 2016 onwards require a replacement module,
please select this option below in the toolbar. 
This is also available for some MK3 TT's pre 2016, if not possible there will be no charge.
We have also recently been able to code the A3 8Y model, it maybe not all models can be coded,
this requires a bit more work and is £95+vat for new A3 models if compatible.

Above: Optical display of rear parking sensors on MID or MMI Plus. (picture is for illustration purposes)



Customer Reviews

Optical Parking Sensor Coding for A3 8V, A3 8Y - Mk7 Golf (models with factory rear PDC)