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Genuine Audi Bluetooth Kit for MMi 2G

We Offer the Genuine Audi Bluetooth Kit for the Audi MMi 2G System. This will allow you to  make
and receive calls with the Telephone function. You can also view phonebook, missed calls,
received calls and dialled numbers.  All operations are available through the MMi Control Panel
 and use with the Multifunction Steering Wheel.

* Excellent Sound Quality.
* Genuine Audi Parts with 2 year warranty.
* No external Microphone.
* Works with most of the latest phones such as iPhone 5 etc.
* Includes Basic Voice Control over the phone functions. 
​* You can also save name tags for speed dialling.

Please note:  Only Suitable for Vehicles with MMi 2G (colour screen) or MMi 2G Basic
 (with red/black mono screen). Models with MMi 2G Basic require a TEL button prior to installation.
This is not included in the price. If required please email us for a quote.

Above: Audi MMi 2G Bluetooth Kit.

Above: Phonebook display MMi 2G screen.

Above: Control Panel for vehicles with MMi 2G.

Above:  All Genuine Audi Bluetooth kits can be operated through the Driver information system using the Multifunction Steering Wheel.

Above: On all Models the Genuine Audi Bluetooth Microphone will be mounted in the factory fitted position. This is behind the small grille as illustrated above.



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