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General Information:
Their are a number of services available for your VW RNS-510.
Usually the unit can be sent to us via post or alternatively dropped off at the Hazzydayz workshop where we can remove the unit from your vehicle for you if necessary.  It is usually possible to wait while your RNS-510 unit is repaired but please bear in mind that any repairs usually take from 3 - 6 hours.  Repair of the RNS-510 SAT-NAV will usually restore default setting and delete any user data.
In some cases their may be more than one faulty component in your RNS-510 unit, in this case it may not be cost effective to repair your headunit, however in general we can offer you a reconditioned unit as an exchange for your old one. We will contact you once the cause of the fault is known. If posting the headunit please be sure to use adequate packaging to avoid further damage. Please also include any relevent information in relation to the nature of the problem as well as your contact details, return address and vehicle details.

Packages are to be sent to:

HazzyDays Ltd,
Unit 5 Sherose Court,

Please use this form and fill in as many details as possible. 

Available services are:

Diagnostics - this service is mandatory and included free with any repair carried out by HazzyDayz but is also available by itself if only diagnostics is required.

Screen Replacement - This is the replacement of a faulty screen with a new one.

Front Fascia Replacement - This the replacement of a scratched or damaged fascia with a new one.

Mainboard Replacement -  We are no longer able to supply Motherboard replacements, however we can offer a refurbished Unit with 12 Months Warranty, please select option below in the toolbar.

Front Fascia Board Replacement - Replacement of faulty facia board which is the electronic component board behind the fascia buttons.

Radio Board Replacement - Replacement of faulty radio board. Usual symptoms of a faulty radio board are intermittent or no radio/gps reception.

Firmware Update - The Update of the RNS-510 firmware to the latest version for your vehicle or headunit. This will usually be included free with some repairs to your RNS-510 and will usually be specific to your vehicle model, year and SAT-NAV version. It is also available separately.

Video In Motion - This allows the RNS-510 headunit to display video output on screen while driving the vehicle. this will allow your passengers to watch DVD's and TV(if installed) while the vehicle is in motion. Please note this is for passengers use only and it is the drivers responsibility to make sure that he/she is not distracted.



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