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This product is only available for vehicles with RNS-510 headunit fitted as pictured below.
 This is for the supply and fitment of the genuine VW reverse camera to your vehicle.
The reverse camera will activate automatically when the reverse gear is selected.
This will allow you to reverse park with greater ease however it is not a substitute for mirror checks
 or general awareness. There are three main types of genuine VW reverse camera;
Those that flip out from the VW badge, those that are integrated into the boot latch handle and those
 that are fitted in the bumper between the number plate lights these positions are vehicle specific
 and are not optional. There are also two camera module types the "Highline" and the "Standard"
the difference being the highline camera module will display guidelines when in reverse where
as the standard camera module will not.

Note: The Vw Passat 3C 2006-2011 was never available from factory with the flip out camera badge,
 therefore additional modification of boot is required. This is included in the price.
Please select this model below if applicable.

Above: Genuine Vw Highline reverse camera with guide lines.



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