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Product Information:
This is for the supply and fitment of the Vw Media Device Interface - MDI.
It is suitable for all ipods with "iPod classic type" connection on base and most USB flash drives, however additional usb cable will be required for USB connectivity.
This is the best iPod kit available for genuine Vw headunits.
The MDI kit will display all of the following information on screen, artist names, track names, album names, podcasts and playlists.
Unfortunately video playback is not currently supported. 

Mounting Location of MDI:
There are a large number of mounting locations for the MDI due to number of vehicles compatible with the MDI. The most common mounting position is having the lead in the glovebox it is also the cheapest option available for this kit, however if this position does not suit your needs there are a number of other variants available which include under the armrest and in the CD changer slot in the glovebox
(if CD changer is fitted it will be replaced). For fitment under the the armrest the unit will either replace the CD changer fitted or if there is no CD changer fitted it will need to have an additional CD changer trim fitted in order for fitment of the MDI.

Please note on some model variants the analogue aux input will be replaced for the MDI.
The MDI will charge your ipod
Above: MDI iPod kit with RNS-510 allows you to select albums, artists and playlists etc.
Above: MDI Kit will display track names and info on RNS-510 and Highline DIS

List of compatible headunits: RNS-810, RNS-510, RCD-510, RNS-315, RNS310, RCD310. Images below.

RCD-310                                                                                         RNS-315 / RNS310

RCD-510                                                                                         RNS-510

Supply & Fit £250.00+VAT

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