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We are pleased to offer the Genuine Volkswagen automatically folding wing mirrors.
The mirrors can be set to automatically fold when you lock the vehicle.
This setting is available via the MIB operating system and can be turned on/off at any time
 by opening the car setup menu, then selecting the central locking option. The mirrors will
automatically un-fold when you start the vehicle. This installation includes only Genuine Vw parts
 and will come with a 2 year warranty.

Please note: some models such as the Sharan 7N require you to hold the lock button down on
 the remote for the wing mirrors to fold.  We also change the door handle trim and fit the correct
 switch and symbol for the folding mirrors function (see picture below). This installation does
not include the mirror caps or glass as these are re-used. 

* Genuine Vw Parts with 2 year warranty.
* Includes new mirror switch and trim.
* Puddle lights in lower mirror housing are included on applicable models.
* Exactly the same as factory fitted.
* Can be coded to auto-fold when you lock the vehicle. If unsure this can be confirmed by email.
* Extended 3 year warranty on brand new vehicles.
Please Select Model below price.

Above: Genuine Vw folding mirrors as per factory fit.

Above: Mirror when folded.
Above: New switch fitted with folding mirror symbol.



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GENUINE VW FOLDING MIRRORS with Auto-fold When Locking via MIB