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Product Information: This is for the supply and fitment of the 1K leather multi-function steering wheel with optional Flat Bottom and optional "Paddle Shift" gear selection (for vehicles with automatic gearboxes). This product will intergrate with your vehicle in a number of ways depending on the current vehicle specifications, in particular the DIS(Driver Information System), Headunit(Radio Unit), Phone kit and year of manufacture of the car.

The controls on the wheel in most cases will allow: volume control(on all variants), next track/station previous track/station("Highline" Display Required), mute or alternatively voice control(vehicles with Phone kit/SDS), answer/hang up(vehicles with compatible phone kit), control of the DIS(driver information system i.e. the trip computer/digital display in the centre of the instrument cluster) and the switching between menu's in the DIS("Highline" DIS required). If your vehicle has an automatic gearbox optional "Paddle Shift" gear selection is also available at extra cost.

Additional Information: A DIS Upgrade is available in combination with this product at a discounted price, however is not required. This is an upgrade of the full instrument cluster and as such will require all vehicle keys to be present for the duration of the installation. This is so the keys can be syncronized with the vehicle immobalizer built into the new instrument cluster. The old instrument cluster will be part-exchange and need to be returned to the Volkswagen Audi Group. Vehicles With the "Midline" instrument cluster will have the option to have thier current window wiper control stalk replaced for one without DIS buttons at extra cost. It is not required as the buttons on the original stalk will be disabled at no extra charge.

More information on which DIS is fitted to your vehicle as well as DIS upgrades can be found here.

Note:  In most cases, the Vw Tiguan 5N will require a different airbag or different wheel to that offered below. For this reason the price may vary on this particular model. Please inform us if you have a Tiguan as we'll need to confirm exact price prior to installation.

Below Image of Round Leather Multi-Function Steering Wheel

Below Image of Flat Bottom Leather Multi-Function Steering Wheel with paddle shifts



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