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Product Description: This is for the supply and fitment of the Genuine Audi MMi 2G navigation system to your Audi.
This installation includes professional fitment of the Genuine Audi MMI 2G DVD Navigation system.
All parts used in the installation are Genuine Audi, the DVD navigation unit is refurbished and will come with a 2 year warranty. Installation takes approx 2-3 hours depending on exact model.

Note: Only suitable for vehicles with MMi 2G High colour screen. If unsure what system you have please send us an email with the vehicle registration. MMi 2G systems will not have any SD card slots and will have buttons for the radio control near the gearstick. The following vehicles may have MMI 2G High fitted to them A4 8K, A5 8T, A6 4F, A8 4E and Q7 4L. If unsure please send us an email and we'll be happy top help.

Note: Some models will not have the navigation button on the MMi control panel. In this case you'll need to replace the buttons too, please select this option below.

The kit includes DVD Drive, GPS Aerial and professional fitment. Backup DVD for maps is also included for test purposes.

We also offer a replacement service for faulty navigation units. Please select this option below.

Above: MMi 2G Navigation.



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Genuine Audi MMI 2G Navigation Upgrade Supply & Fit (MMI 2G High Only)