Engine Re maps

We supply professional Remaps from Celtic Tuning which are customised to your specific vehicle.

Approximate Increase of power and torque are around 25-80bhp and 35-90 lb/ft, depending on model/engine.
We also offer a Eco re-map, these provide smaller gains across the rev range with improved fuel consumption.
Please ask us for specific figures for your car or check the Celtic Tuning Website.

We are an Official Agent for Celtic Tuning, They have over 20 years experience in the Tuning Industry,
and provide Engine Tuning in over 25 Country's through there dealer network.

Turbo Diesel
  • Up to 40% more power and torque
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Removal of flat spots
  • Improved fuel economy

Turbo Petrol
  • Up to 30% more power
  • Up to 35% more torque
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Removal of flat spots

All Remaps come with a 14 day money back guarantee.*

Most newer cars can now be re-mapped through the diagnostics port, (OBD)
if this is the case then its the £275+vat fee, We cannot always check this until we check the ECU.

* The 7 Day money back guarantee is subject to a £75 + VAT installation fee on most models
2001-2010 (OBD) and a £150 + VAT Installation fee on most models 2010-2015. (ECU out)

File Reset, If a File has been reset by a main dealer or by other means, or you would like the
car reset back to standard, then a £50+vat Admin/Labour fee applies if this is back through the OBD port
or a £75+vat Admin/Labour Fee if the ECU needs to be removed again.

HazzyDayz Ltd Offer a lifetime warranty on Engine ECU software only.
All Engine Remaps are tested to the highest standards and are very reliable. However on older
vehicles engine parts that are subject to wear may be prone to failure after tuning.
Common failures are turbo, coil packs, Spark plug gaps, EGR valve issues and MAF sensor.
These are all serviceable items that would usually require replacement as part of good maintenance.
HazzyDayz Ltd do not accept liability for any mechanical part failure after performance tuning.

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Air Fuel Ratios (AFR’s)

It is important to ensure optimum AFR is achieved in order to ensure that stoichiometric mixture.
This in basic terms means that the engine isn’t running lean or rich fuel mixture.
This is also important in ensuring that your engine is MOT compliant.

Boost Pressure

It is important that correct boost pressure control is achieved to ensure that no spikes or dips
occur to ensure maintained life of the turbo charger. A spike in the boost delivery can cause
over-boosting which pressurises the compressor to a level beyond its tolerance.

Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT)

When increasing the fuelling and boost pressures of an engine it naturally increases the EGT.
It is important to log the EGT of an engine as there is a crucial limit which shouldn’t be
surpassed to ensure maintained longevity. This is a good tool in monitoring the efficiency
of uprated intercoolers etc.

Injector Duty Cycles (IDC)

This is crucial to know the fuelling limitation of the injector. On some modern cars we are seeing
injectors with 100% IDC from standard meaning there is no room for further modification without
upgrading the injectors
(this is rare however). If it was a turbo application, and the boost pressure was raised, due to there
being no additional fuel available, it would cause the engine to run lean and potentially melt your pistons.

As a result of fine monitoring and adjustment to our super chip, we are able to provide safe
and reliable tuning solutions to both customers and other tuning companies.
We will not operate outside of the engines capabilities on standard components as
your vehicles reliability is as important to us as it is to you.


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