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(ADS) This is for the Supply and Fitment of Audi Drive Select. 

This will allow the user to select various modes via a button on the dash, which is fitted in the factory position. 
The driver can determine how sporty or comfortable the car is.  
Audi drive select integrates the technical components that determine the quality of the driving experience,
the engine, transmission, steering (optional), shock absorbers (optional) and the sport differential (optional).

In combination with the optional MMI, the driver can put together their own personal profile.
Audi drive select is only available in conjunction with dynamic steering, damper control and/or sport differential.


  • Comfort   - Ideal position for relaxed driving on long or bumpy routes
  • Auto        -  A balanced position
  • Dynamic -  Gives a more sporty ride, and improves engine response.

Depending on the Spec of the car you may gain more control,
for example if the S model has the sports suspension or Sport differential this can be adjusted,
if not fitted then it can't be adjusted.

Available for Audi model:

  • Audi A4 8K
  • Audi A5 8T
  • Audi Q5 8U
Picture for illustration purpose's, and may show a different model/screen/buttons

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Buttons may differ from model to model.




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Audi Drive Select - Supply & Fit - A4 8K, A5 8T, Q5 8R