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Product Information: This is for the supply and fitment of the Ampire manufactured DVB-T(Digital Video Broadcast Tuner). This TV Tuner is the best solution on the market for watching digital TV in your vehicle. Ampire is a German manufactured product. As such they have also made it possible to integrate the controls of the product into the vehicle Headunit itself, However there will also be a separate remote control supplied for the unit for your benefit. Additionally at a small extra cost we can enable video in motion on your headunit for your passengers benefit so as the TV tuner can be viewed while driving. This will also allow your passengers to watch DVD's from your vehicle headunit while driving.

Installation Information: The installation of this unit requires that additional aerials are fitted to your vehicle as well as a remote eye. There are two main locations for the aerial's to be fitted. The first is on the inside of the "A pillar" trims near the windscreen making them hidden from sight. The second location is on the inside of the windscreen allowing for better signal reception. There are a number of locations for the remote eye to be fitted so it is best to speak with the technician as to where the most suitable location for your needs is.




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