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Product Description: This is for the supply and fitment of Genuine front fog lights to your Audi A3 8P or A3 Cabriolet. Only Genuine Audi parts are used in the installation of this product. The work done can be done on a call out basis however this may be subject to a call out fee.

Prices may vary due to current spec, usually bumper type and if the vehicle has the Driver Information System fitted. DIS is the display between the speedo and rev counter, If you can see the radio station name here, then you have DIS fitted. If unsure, please send us an email with registration or chassis number and we can check for you.

All Parts are Genuine Audi and come with a 2 year warranty. Installation usually takes 2-3 hours.

Above: Genuine Audi Front Fog Lights. Grilles will differ from above depending on exact Model / Year. Sports bumper or 2009 onwards bumper fitted.

Above: Audi A3 with Strandard Style Bumper.



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A3 8P Front Fog Lights Supply & Fit